It’s summertime, which means kids all over North America are out of school and enjoying the warm, sunny weather.

Usually, that also means snacking on frozen treats to keep cool!

But in Taiwan, popsicles have a different meaning. At least three students from the National Taiwan University of the Arts are trying to get them to.


Nai-post ni 臺藝新聞網 noong Miyerkules, Hunyo 7, 2017

The students created 100 popsicles from the polluted waters of Taiwan’s water sources: lakes, rivers, beaches, and ports to raise awareness on the problem of pollution.

The results are mind-blowing, informative, and disgusting all rolled into one frozen pop.

Nai-post ni 100%純污水製冰所 noong Martes, Abril 11, 2017

So how did they do it?

First, flavor aside, the polluted popsicles contain collected sewage samples that were first frozen and then preserved in polyester resin.

The team designed and wrapped the popsicles in special packaging to highlight the “contrast between what is beautiful and what is problematic for the environment.”

Nai-post ni 100%純污水製冰所 noong Biyernes, Marso 17, 2017

Doesn’t sound appetizing, does it? It isn’t.

Some of the pops may have traditional colors that are enticing to children like pink, but most of these frozen “goodies” are shades of brown, yellow, and grey – a reflection of Taiwan’s dirty waters.

Color isn’t the only thing that’s alarming about these popsicles.

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