The Illuminati. The Lizard People. The various and sundry conspiracy theories that people come up with to try and explain the world we live in today provides untold hours of entertainment and intrigue. Now, sometimes, these crackpot ideas end up offering up shreds of truth. In other instances, these ideas are so far out and insane that they are worthy of outright mockery.

The Illuminati



Some Say They Exist…



Naturally, with any change in power comes another attempt at explaining said rise. In this case, the target is no longer Barack Obama, but Donald J. Trump. As the new President (with some very controversial ideas and policies), he’s contentious, and not everyone sees things like he does. Naturally, this leads to a belief that he really isn’t “like us,” resulting in the video you will see here.

And These Are Their Plans For The World



Our anonymous investigator has all the proof you need – if you believe if such things. First off, everyone involved is either a clone, a synthetic (or robot), or a mannequin. No one is human, or if they are, they have been created to appear that way, but not necessarily act appropriately…and then it just gets weirder and weirder from there.

Some Believe Donald Trump Is A Clone



And He Is Out To Do The Illuminati’s Bidding



The Video Has All The Proof – Continue On To Watch It For Yourself