We often put them up without thinking, simply using the last shot we took as a way of identifying ourselves across social media. Sometimes we’ll even throw it back to the days when we were young, allowing others to experience our awkward phases, childhood traumas, and lasting memories along with us. It’s really nothing more than a piece of identification, even if it is a famous face, a noted album, or just some silly meme you saved from a website.

Whatever your motivation, what you choose to post on Facebook as part of your profile is considered a reflection of who you are. Put another way, you pic is part of your personality. It’s what you want people to think of you. It’s how you want to be seen. Even as the rest of the world skips by your name as part of another’s discussion, this is how you want to be perceived – at least, for the time being.

Solo With A Big Smile


You’re a people person and don’t mind being out there, front and center, all by yourself.

A Group Shot


You’re an extrovert. You’re a free spirit and will try anything.

A Picture Of An Object Or A Place


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You rebel you. You don’t want to conform. Instead, the image says more about you than you do, at least in your mind.

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