This incredible moving and eye-opening photo project comes to you from the source. The women and children photographed in these photos had to learn to use a camera before they could share their trying times with the world. One woman, Rita Mazive who was the first to speak up and take steps towards telling her story and the story of so many struggling to survive in Southern Africa admitted to never before using a camera, seeing herself in a photograph, or even looking into a mirror at her reflection.

It’s hard for many Americans and Europeans to fathom a life without cellphones and selfies let alone to comprehend having to wake up every morning and fight to survive in such trying times. In a world where so many are used to never truly going without, thriving on processed foods and plentiful produce from a grocery store down the road how does one begin to explain the trials and tribulations that these families experience everyday just to have one small meal a day?

This photographic call to action is truly the best way to describe a day in the life of those persevering through the detriments brought onto their communities and individuals as a result of one of the worst droughts to taunt Southern Africa in over 35 years.


Rita Mazive Had Never Even Seen Her Own Reflection Let Alone Take A Photo


With The Help Of A Global Development Organization, CARE They Will Finally Tell Their Story


 Introducking “El Niño: Through The Lens Of Hunger”



Children Struggle To Get To School After Working All Morning For Food


The Two-Hour Walk On An Empty Belly Makes Getting An Education Difficult


But Through It All The Children Are Thankful For The Chance To Live Another Day!


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