When you think of sailing the high seas, what’s the first image you have? Perhaps an old fashioned long ship with sails capturing the wind as the wooden wonder makes its way across the ocean? Perhaps you envision a mere dingy, oars anchored and ready for the manpower required to move them. Maybe you think of a cruise ship, a virtual floating hotel that can house thousands and their leisure needs.

Is This What You Think Of When You Think ‘Boat?’



Or What About This?



Whatever the case, there are actual vessels out there which make even the mightiest skyscrapers pale in comparison. Believe it or not. After all, how do they get entire oil rigs out in to the middle of the ocean without them? They certainly don’t build them out in the water, piece by piece. Or better yet, how do disabled tankers get from one place to another? Again, it’s not via helicopter or airlift.

Maybe You Want Something That Screams ‘Conspicuous Consumption’



But there are more reasons for massive boats than business. Rich oil barrens needs their mansions on the sea, and as people spend more and more money on trips which sail the Caribbean and Mediterranean, companies like Carnival are commissioning larger and larger “accommodations” for them. When it comes to such craft, size does matter.

But There Are Boats Out There Much Bigger Than You Can Imagine



MUCH Bigger



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