It will forever be remembered as one of the most terrifying days in the history of the United States. September 11, 2001.On this day, thousands of innocent Americans became victims of a terrorist attack.

Between the four attacks which took place that day, two of them being at the site of the World Trade Centers, involving the hijacking of not one but two aircrafts almost 3,000 people lost their lives. Over 6,000 people were injured on that dreadful September morning.

Although There Is Nothing That Can Compare To The Value Of Those Lives Lost

There is something to be said about the space that serves as a reminder of our devastating past.

On the 69th floor of the new building, exists a portal into the complex and controversial minds of artist. Given a pretty blank canvas and almost free reign, artists were invited to deck the walls of the 69th floor artwork inspired by life and that is just what they did. They call it ART4WTC: Gallery in the Sky.

Bringing The Street Vibe Of The Big City Inside

Because corporate buildings can be sort of stuffy, don’t you think?

A Little Art On The Walls Never Hurt Anyone

Dominic Pattinson’s confident work is called “Stand Out Stand Proud”

The Space On The 69th Floor, Serves As A Getaway

Artist, ZIMER calls this one, “King Of The Concrete Jungle”

A Surreal Reminder That Life Is More Than The 9-5

Artist, WhIsBE made this masterpiece, it’s called “Vandal Gummy Blue & Red”

And A Place Where Freedom Of Expression Runs Wild

Known as Risa Tochigi aka BOOGIEREZ, “Optimistic Rebel”


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