They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet throughout most of our history as a civilized country, we’ve used looks and appearance as a measure of likeability and desirability.

Even when women were marginalized, unable to vote or compete with men in the workplace, they could parade around in a swimsuit and evening wear and be graded on specific social standards. Poise, grace, talent, intelligence, and everything the patriarchy hoped to undermine came to be the preferred model for your moms and your sisters. Forget about equality – this was about entertainment.

Now, with spectacles like Miss America and Miss USA losing a lot of their luster, and youth contests continuing to poison the pageant possibilities, it’s time to look beyond physique and take in how other regions view beauty. In a series of photos, artist Natalia Ivanova has created “The Ethnic Origins of Beauty” a non-profit project determined to outline the differences between perspective and the people who use them. Basically, it’s a chance to see attraction as the rest of the planet does, and it’s an eye opener to say the least. Look at the images below and see what we mean.

Dark Angels


Brown And Beautiful


The Subtle Differences Become More Obvious


Exotic And Gorgeous


So Stunning


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