Jennifer Atkin thought she was marrying the man of her dreams. But nine months before they were to be married, her fiance dumped her. Spiraling into a state of shock, Jennifer decided to put the kibosh on her bad habits, turn her life around and get healthy.

At her heaviest, Jennifer weighed 238 pounds and would spend each night in front of the television with her boyfriend of four years gorging on junk food like pizza and Chinese takeout. Because it was the first time she’d been in a serious relationship, Jennifer felt surprised that her former fiance would want to be with her at the weight she was at.

But when her fear came true, she realized she had the opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Rather than invest her money in fast food, she chose to invest in her health. She began walking on a treadmill, then progressed to spinning and cardio classes. She also follows a strict 1,500 calorie diet.

As the pounds began melting away, her confidence grew and she realized she could do anything she set her mind to. She also recognized how important her self-worth is.

Today, after having lost 112 pounds, Jennifer is happy, healthy and in a new relationship with a man who loves and respects her for who she is. She’s also competing in a beauty pageant that could qualify her for Miss England, and if she wins, she’ll have a shot at the Miss World pageant.

Reflecting on the man who broke her heart, Jennifer told The Sun: “Although I wish my ex all the best, I do secretly hope he’s kicking himself.”

At Her Heaviest, Jennifer Weighed 238 Pounds


She Thought She Was Marrying The Man Of Her Dreams, But He Dumped Her Nine Months Before The Wedding


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She Decided To Turn Her Life Around


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