Tony Montana believed it was the ultimate status symbol. He obsessed on them until he actually got one of his own. It is an obvious symbol of success, a suggestion of excess that only the most crazy individual would consider. Or is it. The drug kingpin wanted a tiger to show off his sense of personal power. But for others, the animal is a symbol of something much, much sadder.

They’re Majestic






Currently, there are approximately 3890 of these majestic beasts left in the wild. There are others in captivity. And then there are people like Janice Haley and her husband. For them, keeping tigers is an important part of preservation. Luckily, she has the ability, and the property, to take two of these magnificent creatures under her care.

And Endangered



In her Florida home, this animal lover cares for Saber, a 600 pound white Bengal, as well as Janda, a 400 pound female. Often referred to as her “cats,” these certified man-eaters have been with Janice since they were small. Having raised them from kittens, they are as “tame” as such an animal can be. That doesn’t mean there’s no danger, but a certain level of trust has been built up between this human and her fur babies.

This Family Hopes To Preserve The Species



And The Tigers Love The Attention



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