We like to think of our world as modern and contemporary. Even with all indications otherwise, we want to believe that people are smart and savvy when it comes to the backward beliefs of the past. Sadly, that’s not necessarily the case. Even a country as supposedly up to date at the US has to go out of its way to protect black cats because of the silly superstitions of those who would harm them.

Here Was ‘Hope’ Before



And Here He Is Today



Extrapolated out across the globe, there are still parts of the globe that believe in the magical and mystical. For them, children can be born normal, or be sold over to Satan and end up witches. We know, it makes no sense, but when your crops die and your livestock shrivel, a wicked baby is an attempt at an explanation – not a very good one, but a try.

His Rescue Remains An Incredible Story



Sadly, these “witch babies” are often abandoned by their families and left to die. One famous case made Danish social worker Anja Ringgren Lovén a social media superstar. Her concern for a dying boy, giving him a bottle of water and making sure he was saved from a life (and death) on the streets became an international cause for celebration. Ms. Loven was even voted one of the most inspirational people for 2016.

Ms. Loven Has Done Something Magnificent



This Boy’s Future Is Looking Very Good Indeed



Things Are Definitely Looking Up For The Child – Continue On To See How