Every few months, a story comes along that leaves people scratching their heads.


Sometimes, it’s weekly.These type of stories usually involve people who do or think something that other people simply can’t understand.


These stories usually involve someone doing something that other people just cannot understand.



The story that broke about Martina Big, a white woman on a quest to become a black woman fits the bill as one of those tales.


Unlike the infamous Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who had been posing as a black woman for years and rose to leadership roles in prominent African-American organizations, Martina has taken some extreme measures to achieve her goal.



Martina has undergone intense tanning over the years to darken her skin and has even altered her hair.


She’s also had breast augmentation surgery and now boasts the largest chest in all of Europe, but that’s a completely different story in itself.



Martina’s obsession with being black has now escalated to another level.


She believes she is officially a black woman and now wants to connect with “her people” and history.

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