It was just another day aboard this Canadian whale watching excursion. Tourists were thrilled at the sight of the ocean’s largest mammals. The weather was nice and the view even better. All was well on the “SS Humpback” (That might be made up, but fitting don’t you think?) Then something out of the ordinary happened.

Up close and personal is the name of the game as boats cruise and paruse the ocean in search of the great ocean dwelling creatures but this guy got a little too close for comfort.

It looks as though he was really trying to “take a bite out of life” as the massive humpback leans inon the cruise with his mouth open wide. It’s a lot like a scene straight tout of ‘Finding Nemo’ , except all too real!

Check out this insanely close call in the video below!

Just Poppin’ In To Say Hey!

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They Were All Having A Whale Of A Time!


He Just Wanted A Taste!

Speaking Of A Close Encounter…How Cool Is This!


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