Supreet Kaur a longtime news anchor for IBC24 was thrown a curve ball she never couldhave expected on April 8, 2017. The annchor who has been with IBC24 for it’s entire 9-year run was qued to report BREAKING NEWS. The subject? A fatal car accident. But what Kaur discovered next was absolutely heartbreaking.

There She Was, Reporting The Days News As Per Usual

When all of the sudden there was a breaking story moved to the top of er script.


It Wasn’t Long Before Kaur Realized…

Her husband of 18 months was in the car pictured. Yet, this professional reporter didn’t let the heartbreaking news affect her on-air personality.


Most Folks Might ‘Lose It’

If asked to report the death of their better half most people couldn’t handle so much truth, especially on LIVE TELEVISION!


But Not Supreet

Warm wishes and blessings go out to Kaur and her late husbands friends and family as they mourn his devastating loss.

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