Would you know what to do in a split second if you saw someone drowning? If you’ve taken a CPR class, hopefully with the right training it will all come back to you once you spring into action. Or perhaps you work in the medical field and it’s something you’re quite comfortable with.

Learning how to perform CPR on a human being is a life skill we all should know how to do. In the event of an emergency, it could truly be the difference between life or death.

But given these skills, would you know how to save a drowning animal?

For a woman who discovered a baby deer on the brink of death in her swimming pool, knowing how to perform CPR was the miracle that would end up saving its life.

CPR Is A Valuable Life-Saving Skill To Know


When A Baby Deer Was Drowning In A Woman’s Swimming Pool…


This Heroic Doctor Knew Exactly What To Do


She Sprang Into Action With Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation


And Massaged The Baby Deer’s Heart Until Something Wonderful Happened


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