It was just another day on the field for high school student Rueben Nsemoh. As the goalie of an elite Soccer league, the young teen spends many a day on the field with his teammates. This particular day however, was not the same. During a fast-paced game in which Rueben Nsemoh was playing his position as goalie, something went terribly wrong.

Just as the opponent went for the gold and kicked the ball home, Rueben did what he knows best and blocked the goal. Fate was not on his side this time though, as he and the scoring player collided. That’s right, Rueben got a kick straight to the head!

As you might assume, the teen didn’t bounce back all that quickly from this one and after losing consciousness, regaining consciousness, vomiting, and then losing consciousness once more, the clearly concussed goalie was airlifted to the nearest hospital.

Rueben Nsemoh Has Been Seriously Injured Not 1 But 3 Times, While Playing Soccer


After finally waking up in the hospital, Reuben was different. Very different in fact. The student who had never spoken fluent Spanish before woke from his injury induced snooze speaking only Spanish, and quite fluently too! For days Rueben spoke solely in Spanish! His family and friends didn’t even know what to do!

Can You Imagine Waking Up So Confused And No One Understands You?


His Teammates, Friends And Family Are Not Only Worried And Wishing Him A Quick Recovery But Also Amazed!

Rueben’s mother is concerned about the wellbeing of her son and his future in the game but that’s not all she is worried about. As it turns out, getting airlifted to the hospital is no cheap trip. The Nsemoh family are faced with over $200,000 in hospital bills. Fortunately friends and family are helping out and have created a GoFundMe account for the recovering player.

Rueben Nsemoh Is Now Speaking Primarily English But Says He Is Still Not Himself


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