No matter what part of the world or the age of the area, a city can be destroyed with what’s known as “urban blight.”


It’s one of the reasons the suburbs became so popular half a century ago.


Instead of living in the dirt, grime, and clutter of a sprawling metropolis, watching as the city faded into decay and destruction, the outskirts offered a literal breath of fresh air. No outdated infrastructure or broken down brownstones in desperate need of upkeep, just manicured lawns, perfect homes, and none of the chaos that claims a cityscape.


One rogue artist is bringing beauty to that decay and destruction surrounding him in New York City.


Tom Bob scours the streets of NYC, looking for things that he can beautify with his creativity and talent. He uses what he calls “furniture” – lamp posts, utility terminals, and other everyday inconveniences – and changes them into whimsical, welcoming objects of imagination and fun.


Check out the gallery below of Bob’s urban street art and be amazed at his vision for bringing the beauty of the Big Apple back to the surface.


Serpent On The Sidewalk

This old pay telephone hasn’t been removed, so Bob incorporated it into his art. As a “guard,” he’s keeping his eye on the snake.

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