Artists have their own unique ways of seeing the world, through “lens'” unlike that of those more logically driven. No matter the medium, the supplies or the environment an artist is able to make functionality fresh , useful and aesthetically pleasing!

Architectural firm EFFEKT, took this idea to a completely different level when the firm’s team designed an amazing walkway in the forest.

You’re probably wondering what the hell could be so exciting about a random walkway in the woods? But this isn’t just any ol’ walkway. Designed to literally take people to new heights, this spiraling walkway reaches 150 feet up into the air.

According to Bored Panda, “The centerpiece of the construction is set to be a winding observation tower, topping out at about 150 feet (45 metres)…It consists of a 2000 ft. (600m) internal ramp, which will take visitors from the forest floor, through the treetops culminating with a 360° view of the hilly landscape, characteristic for the region.”

Basically, this thing is pretty freakin’ impressive.

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