They say that context is everything. You really can’t judge something fully unless you have all the facts…and even then, the current trend is to parse said information from sources favorable to your particular political or philosophical position. Apparently, there’s the truth, and then the information that forms it, no matter which side of the issue you are on.

Cops Are Now Part Of The Normal School Day



They Are Supposed To Maintain Order And Keep Everyone Safe



Some blame the education system for creating such a divide and yet when you see what the situation is currently in our schools, you may wonder is that conclusion is far too prescient. Back in the day – way back, mind you – you classroom was a safe haven. Teachers were like your second parent, providing guidance and giving advice while helping you with noun-verb agreement and those dreaded fractions.

Sometimes, They Have To Step In



Now, most educational facilities are on lock down, requiring metal detectors at the door and police officers roaming the halls. Of course, it’s in response to the rampant violence that occurs on campuses every day. Still, some argue that the presence of law enforcement only exacerbates the problem. Take a recent incident that happened out in California.

And Sometimes They Can Go Overboard



One Area In North Carolina Knows This All Too Well



What Occurred? Continue On To Find Out