Jimmy Kimmel has been pulling this stunt, or shall we say encouraging others to try this prank on their children for seven sweet years.

Soi this year, Kimmel decided it was his turn. This Halloween of 2017 was different than the last six because Kimmel’s too cute, daughter Jane would be falling victim to the cruel, cruel prank.

Oh, it doesn’t stop there either. Kimmel figured it was time to up the ante and not only invited  his fans and followers to join in on the fun but he called in a few A-list favorites.

Channing Tatum Was The First To Submit

Brace yourself, this is almost a cuteness overload!


Tatum is married to actress/dancer Jenna Dewan-Tatum and they have a gorgeous little girl named Everly who is four years old.

Daddy plays the bad guy while Everly runs to mom for comfort.

It’s Kinda Heartbreaking:

Let’s be honest: after you said, “Awe…” you giggled, didn’t you?

Well if you got a kick out of Channing’s video wait until you see Pink’s on the next page!