It’s the latest trend in home owning. It’s apparently taking the place of McMansions and other oversized lodging. It’s perfect for those people who don’t want to be tied down to one location, but unless you turn your housing mobile, most of these newfangled buildings stand on solid ground. They known as Tinies, or the Tiny House Movement, and they take the notion of basic square footage and turn it on its head. Many of us live in a typical space which translates to between 900 and 1200 square feet. A tiny is 500 or less. Innovative in design, they can pack a lot of living in a very small and defined area.

A perfect example of this concept can be seen in the gallery below. There, you will see a unique take on architecture that was truly a challenge for designer and building alike. The lot is a mere 29 meters square, with a river on one side and a street junction on the other. The shape also made it difficult – instead of a rectangular plot of land, it is a triangle. Still, for such confines, there’s a whole lot of luxury here. The pictures really don’t do the space justice. It’s a truly revolutionary floor plan. The question, of course, is if you’d live there. Look over the images and decide for yourself.

Looks Can Be Deceiving


And There Wasn’t A Lot Of Room To Work With


From The Side, It Looks Spacious


Head On However…Not So Much


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