The mystery within the image. There have been a few movies made of this phenomenon, and in each instance, the truth is far more compelling that what was originally captures on film or tape. In Michelangelo Antonioni’s English language masterwork, Blow Up, a photographer believes he’s captured a murder on camera. In Brian DePalma’s Blow Out, John Travolta witnesses a political assassination and captures the chaos on his sound recording device.

In Blow Up, It Was A Murder


In both cases, there was more to the initial image or idea that meets the eye (or ear). Since then (one movie was made in the ’60s, the other the ’70s) we’ve seen the rise of social media and the world wide web, with everyone sharing their photos and audio with others…and what do you know, there’s mysteries like the ones made famous in these films in abundance. Take, for example, the image in the video below. It was just supposed to be a commemorative vacation snap. It ended up being something more.

In Blow Out, It Was A Political Assassination


As you can see in the clip, the person who took the picture thought nothing of it at the time. Then, as happens in these things, someone noticed an odd figure in the background. It took some looking and enhancing, but sure enough, there it was – a lanky white figure hanging out in a place that no human could access. The area is just too steep, and there are no trails. So who…or WHAT was it? We don’t know. That’s the mystery in the image. Maybe they’ll make a movie about this some day.

And Everyday People Are Capturing Strange Things On Camera Too


Do You See It?

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