Carpool Karaoke is one of the most popular bits on late night television and for good reason.


James Corden takes his The Late Late Show guests – usually of the musical variety – on a car ride where they sing songs by the artist. Occasionally, a song not on the guest du jour’s resume pops up and you get moments like the one Adele gave us when she covered Nicki Minaj’s “Monster.”




Sometimes the guests and Corden drive around in costumes – not of the Halloween variety – but ones that are associated with the passengers.


Like when Britney Spears joined Corden and the host and the former Princess of Pop donned her “Baby Hit Me One More Time” signature look.




There’s always the idea i n TV, film, or music that although you are using the same premise, you have to make each installment bigger and better than the last.


So when the First Lady of the United States and the Queen of Hip-hop teamed up to sing their charity-inspired hit “This is for my Girls” with the British funnyman, you weren’t sure if it could get any better.




Whether you’re Team Adele or you’re Team Misdemeanor, you will agree that Carpool Karaoke has given us some incredibly memorable late night moments in the segment’s short existence.


So it was time for Corden and The Late Late Show producers to raise the bar even higher.


They definitely did that when Usher jumped in the ride!