We’ve all heard the horror stories. They’ve become so common they are cliche. Usually, an aging family member with a grudge involving how “easy” kids today have it starts the rant, and for those who’ve been in the line of folklore fire, the tale is always told this way. First, the mileage may vary, but the distance to the local one room school house usually revolved MILES, not blocks. Second, it is almost always SNOWING where this person lived, even if they were born and raised in the Florida Keys. Finally, the path is always tenuous, the fears palpable, and the result the reason why they were ready for the real world and why you and your peer group are “soft.”

Well, the next time your uncle or cousin whips out one of these jolly (and mostly fabricated) chestnuts, why not counter with one of these? In the gallery below you will see a series of examples of real school commutes that are far worse than waddling through some sleet. They require more than a tolerance for distance. They make your daily drive into work seem like a ride on a magical carpet. Again, this may be another case of exaggeration leading over legitimacy, but would you climb a mountain or scale the side of a cliff to learn the rule of remainders in fractions? Actually, no one would, come to think of it. Just remember these when Grandpa gets going this holiday season.

In Gulu, China, School Is A Five Hour Journey On A Path That’s Only A Foot Wide


Rickety Bamboo Ladders Are The Means Of Travel In The Village Of Zhang Jiawan


For Those Living In Zanskar, In The Indian Himalayas, This Is The School Bus


This Bridge In Lebak, Indonesia Has Definitely Seen Better Days


In Rio Negro River, Colombia, Students Use A Zip Line Some 400M In The Air To Get Around


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