What was your favorite subject in school – and NO, recess is not a valid answer. What class did you like the best? Were you a history buff? Maybe math stirred your grits? A lot of people loved English, or art, or music. And then there are those for whom science became a calling. Maybe it was physics, or chemistry, or biology – whatever the discipline, you were glued to every word the instructor had to offer.

Did You Like Physics When You Were In School?



Maybe You Preferred Biology



But did you know that not every science fact was part of your educational curriculum. In some cases, you’re just getting the basics. The stuff that would turn you from a student to a scholar seems purposefully left behind to keep you clueless – that is, until you enter the realm as a doctor or engineer and, suddenly, you’re in the know. You’re part of the in crowd and better than your non-scientific brethren.

Perhaps Chemistry Was Your Subject Du Jour



Okay, so that may be a bit extreme, but the truth is that there are lots of things about nature and its interaction with itself that we are just discovering. Like why you can’t burp or fart in space. Or how black holes both swallow stars…and vomit them back up. From why things boil even in frozen conditions to the fact that it rains diamonds on other planets, the video included here highlights 10 of these hidden scientific gems.

Whatever The Case, You Can’t Know Everything



In Fact, There Are Some Things In Science That Are Kind Of Secret



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