Perhaps it’s the weather but it seems like this past year has washed up a lot of unidentifiable creatures onshore. We certainly have experienced a lot of action in the ocean with the plethora of storms that have pummeled everything in their path, leaving millions without shelter, electricity and access to clean water.

Well, now we have another mystery t add to the list. A larger than life creature made it’s way to the shore at a beach in the Philippines.

It’s safe to say that beachgoers were startled (or perhaps terrified might be more accurate) at the sight of a very dead, very large creature which had made it’s way to shore. The 32-foot-long sea creature was discovered in a shallow area of the water and has been compared to the like of a fighter jet in size.

Not only were people at the beach confused by the sight, but experts have also been unable to identify the creature.

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