It remains the most intriguing aspect of pirate mythology. Oh sure, everyone wants to mimic Johnny Depp and his Captain Jack Sparrow swagger, and we do have that relatively ridiculous day where everyone is supposed to speak like a buccaneer, but it’s the lure of ill gotten gains, of buried pirate booty that continues to mystify.

We’ve All Dreamed About It



The Movies Have Romanticized It



We dream of the day when a walk on the beach becomes the skull and crossbones equivalent of winning the lottery. And yet, with all the wrecks sitting on the ocean floor, with all this sunken ships holding onto their secrets, it’s amazing we’ve discovered anything of value under the water. You’d think we’d have discovery after discovery, instead of the occasional ballyhooed find.

But There Is More Mystery Under The Waves Than Treasure



Oddly enough, the more intriguing elements of below the surface spectacle have come from man. From statues to planned excursions, the seas share a wealth of unknown novelty and fun. The video clip included here offers 10 examples of such watery mysteries.

Like This…



And This



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