You could say that the talented Brenda Stumpf has definitely found her niche in photography. The artist, most known for her underwater projects has showcased her work in various well-known publications, including Photo Vogue.

Brenda’s recent project is a little different from the norm. While she is still keeping with the underwater theme, the artist has chosen to bring plus sized models down under with her.

These images are really cool because not only have these women never tried to model while holding their breath below the surface, but the completed project is a great step for media and the fashion industry. By photographing and publishing women of every shape and size, Brenda is contributing to a much needed movement in the advertisement and fashion industry.

See how well these two beautiful women adjusted to posing for their first submerged shoot!

When You Think Of A An Underwater Model, Something Like This Might Come To Mind…


The Pros Make It Look So Easy!

The women modeling in this underwater photoshoot expressed their fears before taking the dive. Of course, they were worried about being able to hold their breath all the while looking cute and keeping control of their poses. As you will notice, they were far from perfect but overall the shoot went great and they totally rocked it!

Of Course, The Property Safety Precautions Were Taken


And Even Though The Models Were A Little Uneasy…


They SLAYED Anyway!


Just Keep Swimming To WATCH These 2 Models Tackle One Of Their Hardest Shoots Yet!