When it comes to music, art, entertainment, advertising and practically everything SEX SELLS. This ever-expanding truth combined with the strong and sensual being that is woman and her powerful and provocative ability to stop both men and oftentimes other women in their tracks with her alluring gaze, legs for days and curves that could cure any bad is precisely why so many women are objectified for the sake of a sale or marketing move.

There are however, a few women who are wise to the truth, hip to the business and who have used their sexuality to gain. As we approach the year 2018, more and more females are becoming comfortable in their own skin. Many fierce femme fatales work hard to maintain a healthy and strong physique. In their flawless looks and fearless confidence women win first place,

The Timid & Modest Female Is Personality Of The Past

More than ever before, Women are unafraid and unapologetic when it comes to their sexuality. Objectified For years, now females are owning their bodies celebrating every shape, and size color.

Holding It Down With A Steady Slay…

Duh, Bey has made it very clear that she is all woman and you will hear her roar whether you like it or not.We like it tho,just sayin.Source
Bey holds nothing back.Need We remind you?Source

Next Up, Muva

As the pioneer of the Notorious Slut Walk, the ex exotic dancer has absolutely no shame in her game.

Besides What’s Shameful About A confident Women?

Not a damn thing.

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