Have you ever met someone who hides behind their IP address?


Someone who uses social media or the Internet as a vehicle to live in a complete fantasy?


Not the gamers who spend hours playing Overwatch, calling everyone “Hanzo mains,” or the people who spend a little too much time on fantasy football.




We’re talking about someone whose entire day is engrossed in lies.


The keyboard tough guys that troll celebrities, post insults on their Instagram photo or get into arguments with their fan base in the comments.




There’s also another side of people who struggle with the difference between “virtual” and “reality.”


They’re the people who catfish innocent people for no reason other than it makes them feel better about themselves or because they really don’t have a life.




Sometimes they may even make up a girl- or boyfriend by grabbing a random Internet photo they find and claiming them to be their betrothed.


It usually backfires but for one Twitter user, it backfired to massive proportions.


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