Some of the drawbacks of being employed mean you have to hear “breaking news” secondhand, take your break at the exact moment something big is about to drop, or chance getting caught on your phone when your supervisor has repeatedly told you to stay off it when you’re on the clock.


This is the conundrum many found themselves in on Tuesday when Apple unveiled the iPhone X.




You probably had an alert sent to your phone or another member of #TeamiPhone text you the details so you weren’t left completely in the dark.


You already know that it’s got tons of new features, like an edge-to-edge Super Retina display, improved front-facing camera, and real-time, face-powered 3D emojis called Animojis.


None of that held a candle to the firestorm that hit Twitter about Face ID and that’s what you likely missed.




Face ID is probably the most exciting new feature that had everyone tweeting Tuesday afternoon. It actually even caused John Cena to be really concerned that he wouldn’t be able to use the iPhone X, but the fine folks at WikiHow came to the WWE Superstar’s rescue.



Flip to the next page to watch Twitter do what Twitter does…

Of course, Twitter had to go poppin’ off about the iPhone X and like Twitter does, they immediately pointed out the negative surrounding Face ID.


He wasn’t the only person who immediately jumped to that thought, either.



Some people had ideas for how to get around it though.



Sorry, FunnyJulius, but this isn’t Braavos, that Faceless Men trickery won’t work!


Head to the next page for the most popular Face ID concern for cheaters!

Facebook came up with ideas on how to unlock your significant other’s iPhone X, too. But you definitely don’t want to get caught up in this mess!



Whew! That is extreme! He may not be the right man for you if you’re willing to end up in jail or the looney bin over him.



Or they’ll suddenly start wearing a sleep mask. Unlocking the iPhone X while your partner was sleeping was a popular theme on Twitter.



This man right here says to avoid the phone entirely.


We hate to burst your bubble, sleuths, but that isn’t how it works. According to the Apple website, “Face ID is attention aware, meaning it unlocks your iPhone X only when you look toward the device with your eyes open.”


Looks like Apple has cheaters’ backs.


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