Keeping track of all of the latest technology can be cumbersome, but staying up to date with the newest add-ons for your cell phone is downright frustrating at times.

Local and national news broadcasts, talk shows, and tech-based blogs are constantly bombarding us with the hottest accessory that will make our user experience better and our lives easier.

We’re here to help you navigate through all of the latest iPhone accessories that the tech world is buzzing about so you don’t have to.

iDisk That Doubles Your Memory

This flash drive works with both your computerĀ and your iPhone. The iDisk can transfer large files from your phone to your computer, or vice versa.

I stumbled upon this when looking for an memory stick for my computer. I bought this one because I could use it with my iPhone as well. Let me just say how amazing this is! I can store all my pictures and videos on this jump drive and open them on my phone! I have a 16gb iPhone 5s and having an extra 64gb that I can just carry with me externally is very convenient. I would recommend this to anyone that is wanting to get more memory for their phones without having to pay for the bigger gb iPhone. -Mr. Reviewer

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