To fan of the late legend, rapper Tupac Shakur it likely comes as no surprise to hear that he a a few choice words to say about our now President, Mr. Donald Trump. Even before he was the Head of State, Trump was a very well-known television personality, businessman, and entrepreneur. That is, after all, what let him to his now very much publicized political career.

His Ostentatious Personality Has Gained Him Both Fans & Haters Alike…

When the general American audience hears the word “rich” Donald Trump is probably one of the faces to come to mind. He is, after all one of the richest men in the entire world, boasting a net worth of around 3.5 million dollars!Oh, and he is sure to remind us of his fat wallet regularly…🙄

When Tupac spoke his mind in this 1992 MTV interview, Trump’s name was mentioned in shame. But why>

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