No matter what history has to say about his administration, Donald Trump is already going down as one of the most unusual politicians, and Presidents, ever to take a seat in the Oval Office. He eschews many of the trappings that have turned Washington into a quagmire of bureaucratic nonsense and policy gridlock. Even more interesting, he’s told the rest of the planet that he has no desire to make The White House his home. Instead, he will live in one of his many personal and/or business holdings.

Hail To The Chief



He Doesn’t Want To Stay In The White House



And when you see some of them, you’ll instantly understand why. From lush golf courses festooned with royalty level mansions to penthouses adorned with gold and other finery, he’s used his billions to build a very impressive lifestyle, so why not take advantage of it. In fact, there are so many options he could simply hop from place to place as the mood hits him.

And Why Should He, When He Can Stay Here…



The video included here shows off these impressive digs with determination. From castle like structures to vast acreage where wine is produced, the Prez has his choices. One of the best known is Mar-A-Lago in Florida. The sprawling estate, even more decadent on the inside, rivals even the most lavish mega-mansions.

Or Here…



Or Here



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