It’s an emotional day for most Americans as we come to terms with one of the most difficult changes of terms in the history of the United States. Everyone has their own unique feelings on this future changing date and of course, their own ways of coping. For many folks who are feeling blue or confused, often comedy can ease the mood.

In addition to that truth, the World Wide Web just loves making fun of Donald Trump. It has even been argued that his success in the 2017 Election can partially be attributed to his social media presence and virality. Crazy right? Well, that being said, here is a little more Trump inspired humor to ease your Inauguration Day woes.

So The Story Goes…

Donald Trump, being the well-thought out man that he is, decided to post this image to his Twitter account, leading up to the big day…

Of Course, He Wasn’t Going To Get Away With This ‘Candid’ Slip

C’mon, it’s clearly staged. There is nothing natural about this shot. The trolls came for him,and they came with their best kicks, right in his orange-stained shins.

You Had To Know This Wasn’t Going To Pretty

‘Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls’5

This Is Just The Beginning…


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