Portuguese street artist known as Bordalo II is impressing us again with his incredible attention to detail. Artur Bordalo is known for his ability to make nothing into something. Bordalo only purchases minimum materials for his extravagant murals, finding scraps by digging through piles of trash for the majority of his materials.

Not only are Bordalo’s works of street art are absolutely eye-catching, but the fact the he is able to build such hypnotizing works of art by re-purposing materials that would have otherwise been wasted, is a truly and inspiration. Bordalo’s abilty to create beauty from pieces and part of things that have been thrown away and considered waste is not only innovative but also eyebrow raising.

His creations bring beauty and diversity to the streets but also awareness. Awareness of the mass amounts of garbage we continue to pollute our earth with, that is. By using these scraps and things considered trash as components in his works Bordalo makes a statement, greatly reduces his carbon footprint and make the streets a much prettier place to be!

A Sly Red Fox



A Whiskery Weasel


A Hip Hedgehog


An Animated Iguana


Or This Curious Cartoon Kitten!



Have You Ever Been So Impressed With A Pile Of Trash!? You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet!