Hey, everybody is different. We all come from different places. We are all brought up by and around different faces. We all learned different lessons. We were all subjected to different hardships and taught the rituals and traditions of our kin.

What makes each and every individual or group of people so beautiful is their differences in views, faith, knowledge, image, experience and so on. What may seem like and odd way to celebrate faith, mourn loss, or welcome new life to you and yours is a complete and utter norm to someone else, from somewhere else.

Get an eye-opening, first-hand view at some intriguing traditions from around the world below and learn a little something!


#1 Bullet Ant Gloves…1

As part of a “coming into manhood” ceremony, boys must wear this mitt crawling with deadly ants while dancing for 10 minutes!

#2 Hindu Thaipusam Festival Piercings…2

As an offering in praise to the Lord Murugan, also known as the God of war these people practice the ritual art of piercing.

#3 Night Hunting In Bhutan.3

Bomena is the practiced by young men in the eastern parts of the Himalaya.  The men go out in the darkness of night in search of love, breaking into girls home. If caught in the young lady’s presence before dawn breaks the consequence is marriage.

#4 Yanomami Burial Ritual4

The loved ones of deceased Yanomami must drink the ashes of their fallen relative in a plaintain soup…

#7 Is Absolutely Unbelievable To Most …