Waiting in line while shopping is kind of a necessary evil. It sucks, and it’s usually pretty uneventful. I mean seriously, how many times have you taken a trip to the store – and the most exciting part about it was waiting in line?


But as they say, there’s a first time for everything. And one woman’s recent trip to a local grocery store was probably the first time her experience waiting in line was one she’ll never forget.


According to reports, a Muslim woman decided to let another shopper skip ahead of her in line while checking out of a Trader Joe’s store in Virginia. Although this kind gesture should have resulted in nothing more than a simple thank you, the woman had some opinions she wanted to express.

What a Jackass

Apparently, the woman had strong feelings about Muslims, and felt like they should all go back to their countries (including the woman who had just let her cut in line).

Is It Even Possible To Be More Obnoxious?!

Fortunately, the Muslim woman caught the whole interaction on tape. So now the rest of us know who NOT to let cut us in line.

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