With all the negativity and bad news in the world as of lately you sometimes might wonder if there is any good left in the world. Between hunger, disaster, and just plain evil it might be hard to see the great people and beautiful things among us that are happening.

This incredible album of eye-opening and heartwarming images just might put your qualms to rest. Of course, you won’t find all of the answers to end world hunger or to stop violence across countries and within homes but sometimes it really is the little things that make the biggest difference.

The truth is there will always be bad. There will always be negative. There will always be pain and struggle but what matters at the end of the day is the positivity and kindness that each and every one of us contribute to one another. Let this beautiful gallery inspire you to do something great whenever the opportunity arises and watch your life and the life of those around you improve!

This Fire Fighter Giving A Kitten A Breath Of Fresh Air


A Competitor Helping Her Rival Finish The Race


Cyclists Stop To Share A Drink With A Parched Koala


A Friendly Book Store Owner Sharing The Wealth Of Knowledge!


Sandwich Artists Sharing Snacks