When you think of your dream home what comes to mind? Is it a quaint hillside cottage with a white picket fence? Do you picture yourself posted up in a palace atop the tallest mountain looking over a scenery so pristine it could only be the product of a dream come true?

Well,whatever your idea of the ideal place to rest your head, relax and build memories is these top 10 large and luxurious landings are what happens when people really make it big!

#10 Hala Ranch In  Aspen, Colorado

1 The $135 million dollar mountain-view mansion belongs to hedge fund manager, John Paulson. The home is 56,000 square feet and comes complete with everything from heated horse stables to a mechanic shop equipped with gas pumps and cross country skiing trails! The one-of-a-kind villa is truly the whole package even boasting its own sewer treatment plant.


#9 The Manor Of Los Angeles, California


Home to  Petra Ecclestone-Stunt, the daughter of Formula One Ceo, Bernie Ecclestone,this pad is the epitome of excellence. Boasting a double grand staircase and sitting at 56,500 square feet this $150 million dollar abode is absolutely beautiful.

#8 Maison De L’amitie Of Palm Beach, Florida


Sitting at 60,000 square feet, this former home to Donald Trump is fitted with diamond and gold fixtures and is worth around $95 million dollars.

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