Some big cities around the world are so congested, so filled-to-the-brim with people that they have begun to run out of room. Residents in places such as New York City, London, or perhaps the most notoriously crowed city of Hong, Kong are oftentimes forced live like canned sardines, stacked one atop the other with very little room between each.

For others, sometimes minimalism is just their cup of tea,, the lifestyle they choose. Living in a small space for many minimalists is a choice. When living a life of simplicity with minute material things, then what’s the need to invest in a larger space? Not only does it feel unnecessary to many, but it is just downright impractical.

Not everyone can handle living in a little bubble or sharing a 400 square foot space with another, but for these folk and their pint-sized abodes it seems to be a perfect fit!

What Better Place To Start Than Hong Kong?!

This “living quarters” is definitely for the minimalist or perhaps the broke. At a whopping four square feet this cage of a bedroom promises a place to sleep and well, not much more than that. Believe it or not, those who find themselves falling on hard times can rent this so-called apartment for $167 Dollars a month! This my friends, is a literal bachelor pad. Just the pad tho and that’s it.💯😂 Oh, and as far as the bathroom, it communal with just two stalls, so one can only imagine.

There Is No Shortage Of Small Spaces In This City…

Up next, another humble abode in the metropolis of Hong Kong, boasting over 7 million residents.

This itty-bitty apartment which is no larger than most American’s walk-in closets , comes with a handful of amenities. Well, a baby’s handful, perhaps. For a cool $384 a month, renters get a window, wireless internet and place to lay their heads to rest. Those that are really lucky, get a mini AC unit to seal the deal.