In 2017 old-fashioned dating is  no longer a thing. It’s highly unlikely to meet “potential partners in crime” anywhere but online. More often than not eligible bachelors and bachelorettes are turning to dating apps and websites in search of their soul mates.

That’s right. The “love of your life” could just be one swipe to the right away from making your fantastical image of the white picket fence and three little kids sipping lemonade out front of your garden cottage.

Okay , so maybe you prefer to settle down kid-free in a big city, but either way turning to dating apps such as OKCupid, Bumble and perhaps the most popular, Tinder might the the move.

Haven’t walked on the dark-side of the online dating life? Peep game. Or perhaps you have experienced a few Tinder date disasters yourself, go ahead read on this very well could make you feel better about yourself.

Vanessa, 19


Sydney, 24

Damn, someone help shawty out.

Sarah, 22


How about an AMEN to that?

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