It’s the dream of scientist and sci-fi lover alike. The idea of being able to travel through time, to move through dimensions and across planes of existence to explore the past or, with luck, visit the future. Physicists say it’s possible, but not likely. Visionaries, however, are convinced that the process has already been perfected and they we’ve all been part of a grand social experiment with visitors from other realms using us as a stepping stone to better understanding of where we can from and where we are going. It’s not about making money off a knowledge of what will come. It’s more like a cloak and dagger deal.

In the gallery below you will see 20 examples of celebrities who, when looking at the images, side by side, you’d swear have been part of the whole time travel dynamic. Remember, the people presented here as looking like your favorite famous face lived back in the day. In many cases, WAY back in the day. Remember – these are not photos of the celebrity taken before they gained their recognition. Call it coincidence or a long lost member of the gene pool, but there’s another possible answer – we are seeing time travel in a very sly and subtle form. Check them out and see what you think.

Matt Damon


Johnny Depp


Andy Samburg And Danielle Radcliffe


Eddie Murphy


Steve Martin???


All Images Sourced From HERE

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