Some things in this world are just inexplicable.


Not like the paranormal kind, although some of the footage that has been caught on camera over the years has been pretty hard to debunk.


Dinghui Temple In Wu’an

We’re talking about things that make you go “Hmm…” like the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, and The Great Wall of China.


This falls along that category of unexplained phenomena…

Beautiful, Isn’t It?!


A 1,000-year-old mummified body that belongs to a Chinese monk has recently been discovered to be highly unusual. In other words, this isn’t your ordinary mummy.


For starters, the mummy was completely encased in gold.

This Is Buddhist Master Ci Xian


But that’s the easiest explanation in regards to Buddhist Master Ci Xian. In fact, he has only been gold since last year when the Dinghui Temple in Wu’an gilded the mummified body with paint as a sign of respect.


It’s something inside that makes this mummy inexplicable.

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