For those of a certain age, the year 2001 was supposed to be the dictionary definition of “the Future.” We were supposed to see flying cars, colonies in space, alien interaction, and of course, all manner of robotic gizmos and gadgets.

There were insinuations of time travel, the possibility of kitchens that cooked and cleaned all by themselves, and perhaps the most compelling, the notion that all nations could come together in collective peace – unless, of course, you were dealing with a post-apocalyptic dystopia which means all better life bets are off.

Of course, scholars and scientists still love to speculate on what the world will be like decades or even centuries from now. Sci-fi writers do the same thing, but add in their clever cautionary twists as well. Among the images you see here, and the video below, are at least a few of the things you can/could look forward to if you lived 100 more years (another speculative promise broken) and, for the most part, they are intriguing.

Is This What Life Will Be Like 100 Years From Now?



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