Many people spend the greater part of their lives battling their bodies instead of working with them. Once the weight is gained it’s easy to fall into a vicious cycle eating poorly and living a sedentary lifestyle which only makes shedding those pounds harder and harder over time.

Being a little heavy or overweight is not a death sentence and it’s far from impossible to get healthy again. With dedication and hard work there is no goal to small.

These 21 people prove just that!

1. Kate Writer Weighed 265 Lbs. And Lost 121 Lbs. In Nine Months


2. She Went From 600 Lbs. To 230 Lbs. In Three Years


3. She Dropped Half Her Weight In One Year! 270 Lbs. To 135 Lbs. And She’s Wearing The Same Shorts!


4. She Lost 70 Lbs. And Look At Her Smile!


5. He Lost 110 Lbs. Over Seven Years


6. He Lost 170 Lbs. In One Year


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