For most of us, they are out introduction to the “extreme.” They seem simple enough – just a run of metal from the top of a set of stairs to the ground below – and the incline (or decline, however you want to put it) provides speed and a bit of the ‘scary.’ In Britain, the fancy ones care called a helter skelter (yes, like The Beatles’ song) but here in the US, we prefer the basic tag – slide.

In The UK, They’re Called A Helter Skelter



In America, We Call Them Slides



Of course, as time passes and the temperatures rise, we’ve taken the playground staple and moved it to the water park, and therein lies the rub. In order to attract visitors, this liquefied destinations are determined to make their attractions bigger, wetter, and just a little dangerous. The result? Ridiculous water slides that take the idea of fun to frightening levels.

Most Are Normal


As you will see in the video included here, there are many such monsters around the world. Most deal in height – as in you having to climb dozens of flights of stairs to get high enough off the ground before having the privilege of being plummeted right back down to it an insane speeds. Some require specialized ‘cages’ and ‘floating vehicles.’ Most just demand nerve.

Some Are Crazy



And Then There Are Those That Defy Description



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