It’s the place where no possible partner wants to be. We hear about it, but we wonder if it really exists. After all, it’s already become a relationship cliche, relegated to those moments when you see your chances slipping away and you can’t imagine what more you can do to win that potential paramour’s heart. From fine dining and little gifts to long walks and even longer talks, you’ve done everything to prove you’re something more than a mere acquaintance, and yet after all that work, the word still stings. Either we can never be anything more than, or after serious consideration, the closest you two will ever get is being…friends. Friends. The dreaded “FRIEND” zone.

Our Former POTUS Gets It



Check out the dude below. Look at all he did for this gal. From horseback riding to nice dinners, he’s truly trying to prove himself boyfriend material. But what does our gal give him in return? The oh so familiar “friend” tag. Now, we don’t know the whole story. Maybe he’s great when it comes to treating a girl like a princess, but his hygiene is horrible. Or maybe he can’t carry on a decent conversation without being inappropriate…or racist…or worse. Still, to sacrifice so much time and effort to get the “F” word is weak. She may not deserve worse, but he definitely deserves better. Poor sap.

For Some, There Is No Help



Not Even For Superheroes



And The Icing On The “I’m So Lonely” Cake




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