It’s easy to forget with so much ease of access just how spoiled many Americans are when it comes to technology and social media. Sure, the United States is not the ONLY place where it’s “safe” to SHARE and LIKE almost anything your little heart desires without negative repercussions.

In America, we are generally free to think and feel as we like as long as no physical harm or mal-intent is practiced. Sure, opinions blurted on controversial subjects and links shared on touchy topics will likely get a rise out of peers and perhaps even hurt a few feelings on the way..but it doesn’t genereally go much farther than that.

In America, We Post Practically EVERYTHING To Facebook


Even When We Know Better

Or Twitter, or Instagram , or Snapchat…eh whatever WHICHEVER Social media platoform your prefer

“The Man” Pretty Much Keeps His (Orange) Head Out Of The Your Newsfeed

In Other Places, Such As Thailand, Citizens Aren’t So Lucky

Because he is clearly too busy handling his own social media presence, blessing the world with 149 charcters of “wisdom” at a time.Source
Freedom Of Speech? What’s that? Everyone has heard about China’s strict web monitoring and Facebook ban, but Chinese citizens aren’t the only ones who must answer to an overly controlling government. In Thailand, citizen’s Facebook’s are monitored closely but what is it that really “grinds their government’s gears?”

Publicly Shaming The Monarchy, That’s What

No, seriously we’re talking a crime that is punishable for up to 15 years per conviction.

One Can Imagine That When These Controversial Photos & ‘Racy’ Video Surfaced,. Thailand Royalty Were MUCH Less Than Enthused…FIND OUT WHY Next…