It sounds like the latest culinary craze. We’ve had chocolate covered and candied bacon. We’ve seen a rise in Kale and other cruciferous greens. Gourmet donuts are on the rise and so are restaurants specializing in scientifically tweaked cuisine. So why not colored honey, right? Why not?

Too Much Bacon



Sick Of Vegan Everything?



Well, there’s a few reasons. First off, bees aren’t known for the tinting abilities. They make honey from pollen, and pollen only varies in color between yellow and orange. So in order to get the little flying insects to create rainbow sweetener, you have to have a way of changing their diet – and that’s not good. Besides, keepers would never ruin the natural nature of their product by throwing dye in it. Boo.

This Little Bee Is Covered In Pollen



You see, the world is in an environmental crisis when it comes to the yellow and black striped bugs. Without bees, farmers can’t grow their crops. They need the help of the pests to pollinate the flower and such. But the bee population has been disappearing. Some complain it’s chemicals. Others argue its the result of climate change. But it France, farmers have found another reason for the reduction, and it ties in to a wave of blue, green, and red honeys.

Honey Is Usually Yellow



So Why Are Beekeepers In France Finding This?


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