You might be surprised to learn that your intelligence, sense of humor and creativity can all be determined simply by preferring one set of images over another. Your mind has the capacity to see and interpret whatever it wants when observing a variety of indistinct images.

Some might consider these optical illusions. Others might associate this type of exercise with a common psychology tool call the Rorschach test, where a person is given an inkblot print and asked to analyze what they see.

Take a look at the 10 photos in the video below and see how accurate the personality test results really are! We’re going to keep mum about the different answers so as not to spoil any of the fun for you.

What Do You See Here?


Remind You Of Anything Familiar?


Do You See A Man Or A Woman?


This Duck Or Rabbit Optical Illusion Has Been Around For Over A Century


Charles Allan Gilbert Created This Optical Illusion Portrait Called “All Is Vanity” In 1892


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